UFR (Universal Fighting Rules) was set up in 2010 by Piotr Bąkowski and Łukasz Makarewicz - well-known Polish kick-boxers. The idea behind the federation was sports improvement by confronting various but similar fighting styles. In 2014 Piotr Bąkowski officially became the chairman of UFR World, while his friend Łukasz Makarewicz took the function of the UFR Poland chairman coordinating UFR's actions in Poland.

The new federation created its own rules and regulations in the form of UFR tatami (light contact) and UFR Ring (full contact) which later became separate disciplines. First round is fought with hands only, in the second one you can also use kicks, and in the third you can also use low kicks and knee strikes. In some time the federation also introduced rules for: pointfighting, kickboxing, MMA, kalaki, breaking, music and traditional patterns.

Since the beginning, Mazovia Cup International has been the biggest UFR tournament, which got the rank of UFR International Polish Championships. There have been 8 editions of this tournament so far. The competition takes place on a ring and 8 mats, and it is participated by about 600 competitors. Because of the tournament's growth, in 2014 Mazovia Cup will be held as UFR European Cup and it will be co-hosted by WKA and WKSF organisations. In 2014 the first World Championships using UFR rules were planned. It will be organised in connection with the Unified World Championships.